International Brochure EV 2017


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency supports the Ministry of Economic Affairs in carrying out the Electrical Transport programme. One of the goals is to create opportunities for Dutch companies in the EV sector. The international positioning of the Netherlands as an EV country is important in this respect. As electric transport is innovative and is changing rapidly, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency has asked EVConsult to update the international brochure from 2015 and to thereby use the opportunity for improvement of the brochure.

The main developments in the EV sector have been the starting point for the new brochure. Larger projects, growing companies and numbers, but also the increased importance of innovations that connect electric vehicles with the energy transition. Many examples include vehicle-to-grid charging solutions, apps that allow charging if there is a surplus of sustainably generated energy and new vehicles running on energy carriers such as formic acid or hydrogen.

The brochure has been completely redesigned compared to 2015. The chapter structure is thematically divided using the value chain electric transport, making it easy for the reader to read through the relevant parts. In addition, extensive use has been made of the many innovative products and services that in recent years have been created or continued in the Dutch EV sector. By intertwining the chapters with the five core values ​​of the Holland E-mobility vision, the brochure has become a powerful and successful story.

Download the brochure here

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