We make it happen

We strive for a clean and liveable world by making electric transport a true reality. Using their knowledge, experience and understanding of the market, our advisors help public authorities and businesses to implement future-proof charging infrastructure for e-mobility. In doing so we bring together the worlds of energy and mobility to ensure a successful energy transition. Whatever it takes – from strategy and policy-making to setting up procurement and purchasing processes to targeted project and process management – we do it all.

Strategy & policy

The rapidly changing world of mobility offers a host of opportunities. With our experience and understanding of the EV market, we help organisations to define and improve their position in the world of e-mobility.

Procurement &

Every purchasing requirement or procurement procedure requires an approach that gives the market the freedom to come up with innovative and cost-effective proposals. We help public and private sector organisations to find the right partners with this approach.

Process &
project management

Getting innovative projects and programmes off the ground and tackling complex implementation processes is a speciality of our expert and highly experienced advisors in their work as project, process or programme managers. And all the while they keep a constant eye open for opportunities to link mobility more broadly to energy and space.

Our impact

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, so too will the energy transition take shape in stages. Every project EVConsult is involved in takes us a step closer to e-mobility with the matching charging infrastructure. We put our heart and soul into each and every project to make it a resounding success. And we’re proud of that. Read the results in our blogs, customer stories and publications.

About EVConsult

EVConsult is the largest independent consultancy and strategy agency specialising in e-mobility. We know the market and value chain of the EV sector better than anyone and help market players to make a difference.

Reducing emissions is not the only reason mobility needs to go electric. E-mobility also plays a key role in the success of the energy transition. To cope with fluctuations in the energy supply from solar and wind we need controllable energy consumers and providers, such as electric vehicles. Using the growing number of EVs as assets in the energy network with smart, practicable solutions offers enormous potential for restoring the balance in the energy network. In addition, e-mobility offers opportunities for companies and organisations to strengthen their position in the market and develop new revenue models and propositions.

EVConsult supports public and private sector organisations in the transition to electric mobility with services ranging from strategy development and advice to purchasing and project management. EVConsult has been an authority the EV sector for more than ten years. Our experts are passionate about working towards a zero-emission world and are constantly analysing, servicing and shaping the market. We work with municipalities, provinces, ministries and NGOs, but also with businesses, the real estate sector, fleet owners, the automotive industry and charging station operators. And always with a smile.

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Identity & Team

We want to live in a zero-emission world. The way we contribute to that is by making e-mobility a true reality. Our experts help businesses and public sector organisations achieve their e-mobility ambitions, which also brings  our dream a step closer every time.

More about us

The energy transition won’t succeed without e-mobility. This is what we work on. Every day. Commitment, professionalism and determination are core values of EVConsult, and they are reflected in our people. Our experts are driven and results-oriented and approach every project with a smile.

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Meet the team

We all share the same goal. But each member of our team has their own reasons for wanting to make the world a cleaner and therefore more beautiful place. Our people really make the difference and form the heart of EVConsult. They tackle the most diverse projects with their deep-rooted passion for achieving emission-free mobility and making the energy transition work.

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