As EVConsult we support and encourage innovations to help the acceleration of the transition towards zero emission. Together with Innovate UK, UK Power Networks and Everoze, EVConsult developed www.V2G-hub.com, an online platform that brings together V2G activity from around the world. The website was recently updated to help you understand this evolving industry. In the new video you can find what information is available on V2G-hub and how to access it.

V2G is a relatively new technology, enabling bi-directional energy transfer from/to plug-in electric vehicles. Power from the batteries of electric vehicles can be fed (back) to a home, an office building, a street or the national electricity grid, supporting a future of smart grids and decentralised renewable power production. This is distinct from ‘simple’ one-way charging and ‘V1G’ or ‘smart’ charging where the rate and time of charge can be varied.

The starting point for the V2G-hub was mapping out V2G projects around the world. Our criterion for inclusion was physical deployment of V2G technology for a specific use case. This excluded experimental research and narrow technology demonstration.

On the insight page, you can find information about the different V2G projects around the world and you can filter them by the partners and services. The website also provides reports giving valuable insight into the technology, business, and policy for V2G.

Eager to learn more? Take a look at our updated website and the video below!


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