Enpuls and The Province of Groningen and Drenthe are working together on the provision of public charging infrastructure and innovative charging solutions that contribute to the energy transition. In the context of the realization of innovative loading solutions, the Provinces and Enpuls have set up the Innovation Fund.

EVConsult has guided the Innovatiefonds to achieve feasible Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) projects that fit within the objectives and strategy of the Innovation Fund, and also add value to the state of research and application of V2G. With the help of the technical, economic and policy expertise of EVConsult in the field of V2G, representatives from the Province of Groningen, Drenthe and Enpuls have been able to make informed choices and defined two possible projects. These two projects are technically feasible and potentially add value to the global application and upscaling of V2G. EVConsult also ensured during the process – through provision of information and approach of the right stakeholders – that there is support in the region for the implementation of the projects.