More and more entrepreneurs and businesses are switching to electric transport, and that requires an adequate fast-charging network. Nothing new under the sun, but the municipality of Rotterdam has done it big by putting the largest tender for public fast chargers in the Netherlands on the market. EVConsult supported the municipality in this and worked closely with Quirijn Oudshoorn, program coordinator of charging infrastructure at the municipality of Rotterdam. In this article, we describe the approach and result of this tender.

Multiple target groups

The goal that EVConsult worked toward with the municipality was a comprehensive fast-charging network that meets the needs of the target group. The target group in this case consisted of cabs, target group transportation and urban logistics. By providing sufficient fast chargers that make the transition to zero-emission transportation easier, the municipality hopes to win over the last doubters.

“The coordinating role of the municipality of Rotterdam to facilitate a public fast charging network is indispensable. In a municipality like Rotterdam, so many target groups come together and electrification is moving so fast that all interests must be well coordinated now and in the future,” said Quirijn Oudshoorn.

Role of EVConsult

EVConsult supported the municipality throughout the procurement process and was responsible for the content specifications of the tender. For example, we thought about the type of fast chargers, the contract duration and the technical details. We included this information in the tender documents. The municipality also wanted to pay attention to innovation. We proposed to include an innovation budget of €200,000. The market party was asked to describe in a plan of action how they wanted to use this budget for innovation within the tender. These included new ways to link local energy generation to fast charging, or techniques to prevent grid congestion. This provided additional incentive for the bidders to think creatively about innovation.

Mapping locations

We also helped the municipality select suitable charging locations. For this, we worked with partner EVtools. Using forecast maps, they mapped the charging demand up to and including the year 2030. Based on this forecast, we drew up a list of concept locations that met the needs of the target group. These include several charging hubs near the Erasmus Medical Center (EMC) and Central Station. These are indispensable for cab operators.

“In consultation with the Port of Rotterdam NV, there are 5 loading options for logistics parties in the port, the city and along the corridor from the port to the city” said Jasna de Groot public infrastructure consultant at Port of Rotterdam.

We tested the concept locations for grid capacity. A relevant step, given the power demand of the fast chargers and the current congestion problems in the Netherlands. We also compared them with our location criteria. Among other things, we looked at the traffic flow at the location, and the proximity to a highway or shopping center, for example. The municipality itself performed the final test based on its own knowledge of the city.

Grip on the rollout

In total, we included over thirty locations in the tender, divided into three categories. The first category consists of definitive locations where the operator is required to realize fast chargers at a pre-designated parking spot. This provides certainty to the municipality about the realization of a covering basic network. To densify this network, we drew up a second category. This contains search areas where the operator decides whether to install a charging station. The operator places them in the most convenient location within the boundaries of the search area. This provides flexibility to the operator and prevents it from placing fast chargers in locations that prove unprofitable, which is beneficial to the business case. The last category involves the acquisition of an existing fast charger.


After publication of the documents, we supported the municipality in responding to the memorandum of understanding and assessing the tenders. Based on pre-established award criteria, TotalEnergies was selected to build and operate the fast-charging network in the municipality for the next 10 to 12 years. In early 2023, the first shovel will go into the ground for the expansion of the fast-charging network in Rotterdam. With this tender, the municipality is significantly expanding the fast-charging network and is one step closer to achieving its ambition of having zero-emission urban logistics by 2025.

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