Amsterdam has the largest public charging network in the world. At the start of this project, the network consists of nearly 2,000 public charging points. To ensure a future-proof charging network, the ‘Smart Charging Amsterdam’ project has been set up. We have worked with the municipality of Amsterdam, operator of charging stations NUON Heijmans and with grid manager Liander.

The aim of the project is to limit the impact of the growing demand for electricity on the electricity grid by means of smart charging, without this having major consequences for e-drivers. EVConsult has set up the project and has brought together the various stakeholders. In addition, a proposal for testing this practice has been drawn up.

A number of selected charging stations in Amsterdam with a high consumption are connected to a larger grid connection (3x63A or higher). Then the standard charging capacity at the selected charging points becomes 22kW. On the basis of quarter-hour values, charging profiles are sent to the charging stations, so that the power can be switched back to the local energy grid at peak load. In the first instance, the charging stations are controlled by means of charging profiles. In a follow-up stage, the charging stations are controlled by means of OSCP on the basis of the real-time load of the local energy network.