The Asian Development Bank commissioned EVConsult and Urban Foresight (UK) to draw up country EV strategies and plans for 5 Central Asian countries.

The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program is committed to a shared vision for the region’s energy sector. This vision enables all member countries to have access to adequate volumes of reliable, affordable, and sustainable commercial energy. In line with this vision, a workplan is created which aims to promote new technologies and remove market barriers for the adoption of new technology in the region.

EVConsult in collaboration with Urban Foresight were commissioned by the Asian Development Bank to outline an EV strategy for each country-type in the CAREC region. These country-types being fossil rich countries, hydro rich countries and net energy importing countries. Central to this was the identification of the core motives for introducing EVs in these countries. Subsequently the main drivers of the EV adoption strategies were analysed. The team has presented their final report to the country specialists at the ADB. To finalize the project, EVConsult has presented the findings on the Clean Energy Forum, which has been podcasted through the ADB broadcasting channels.