Author: Ruud van Sloten

The Flemish government has formulated its action plan ‘Clean Power for Transport’. As part of this plan the government wants to implement effective EMI measures or ‘Easy Mobility Incentives’ to stimulate clean vehicles. The government has lack of insight in the measures that have been put into practice internationally. It also wants to create support amongst regional stakeholders for the implementation of measures.

Our Solution

EVConsult, in collaboration with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Free University of Brussels) AVERE and Idea Consult, carried out a study into EMI measures or ‘Easy Mobility Incentives’ that can be applied in Flanders to stimulate electric vehicles (EV). Based on desk research and an international survey, all possible measures to facilitate the EV driver have been mapped out. These measures were then assessed by relevant stakeholders from the mobility sector on criteria such as desirability, feasibility and the possibility of enforcement. Finally, some promising measures were elaborated on with relevant stakeholders, amongst others municipalities.

The results

This unique approach not only generated a comprehensive overview of successful international measures, but also translated this overview into feasible measures in a specific region. In summary, this has yielded the Flemish government:

  • Unique overview of internationally applied incentives for electric vehicles
  • Support for specific measures amongst regional stakeholders
  • Concrete recommendations for implementation of measures