The World Bank has organized Knowledge Workshops on International Experience with Clean Energy Vehicle Programs at the request of the Government of Delhi. Air quality in the Indian national capital has become a source of serious concern and accordingly the Government of Delhi is exploring various options for addressing the issue. Launch of an electric vehicle program, specifically in the area of buses, and ensuring its sustainability is one such area being considered and will be explored through the experience of other countries and subregions in this workshop.

The program

The first day of the workshop was devoted to the review of international Electric Vehicle programs, both national and regional, challenges of technology, range, charging infrastructure, uptake, economics etc. and key takeaways for the Delhi context. The second day did specifically cover the design and performance of Electric Bus programs and their relevance for Delhi. The economic potential of fabricating buses in India was also addressed.

Our contribution

EVConsult, because of expertise and understanding of the subject matter was involved to in preparing the program and involving the stakeholders for the workshop. EVConsult also participated in the workshop, developed and delivered technical presentations, and responded to questions that come up during the course of the workshop.

Together with experts from China, US and Europe, EVConsult presented best practices of the introduction of electric vehicles to a broad group of stakeholders.