The Netherlands Enterprise Agency supports the Ministry of Economic Affairs in carrying out the Electrical Transport programme. Therefore RVO.nl follows the development of electric transport in the Netherlands, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Part of this is the reporting to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Formula E-Team to map the cashing on earning potential of electric transport in the Netherlands. The report is a combination of economic figures from the market about the number of jobs, the production and turnover and the interpretation of developments by members of the Formula E-Team and various companies.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency has asked Rebel, the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and EVConsult to draw up the 2017 report. The report concerns an update of the report in 2015, in the following sections:

  • Developments in the electric transport sector
  • Developments of the different market clusters
  • Overview of education in the field of electric transport
  • Policy regulations and patents
  • International developments
  • Analysis of significant developments

EVConsult, together with Rebel and the HvA, has gathered and interpreted the developments in the market through in-depth interviews with the members of the Formula E-Team. Compared to earlier reports, there has been among others more emphasis on examples of innovations and companies that illustrate developments in the market. The report entitled Cashing on Earning Potential Electrical Transport was presented to the House of Representatives in November 2017 by the (new) Minister/Secretary of State of Infrastructure and Water Management.