V2G – A Global Roadtrip

Today Everoze and EVConsult released their landmark: ‘V2G – A Global Roadtrip’ report. The report highlights lessons learned from the physical deployment of chargers in 50 Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) projects around the world. This report was jointly funded by leading network operator UK Power Networks and innovation agency Innovate UK.

Vehicle-to-grid technology enables bi-directional energy transfer from/to plug-in electric vehicles. This means that, when charged, vehicles can sell the electricity back to the network and earn money in the process. This can help reduce the cost of EV ownership, while keeping the lights on. V2G is distinct from simple uncontrolled one-way charging, and ‘V1G’ or ‘smart’ charging where the rate and time of charge can be varied.

Key insights from the report:

Vehicle-to-Grid is commercially viable: the Parker Project in Denmark has for the last two years been providing a commercial ‘frequency response’ service to the Danish equivalent of National Grid. This service requires the ability to respond to a grid signal within 2 seconds and is on call 24/7. In the US and UK market, businesses will soon have access to commercial offers that use V2G to reduce the costs of EV ownership.

Vehicle-to-Grid can offer unique value over and above smart charging: V2G is particularly useful when i) combined with excess solar capacity, allowing households and businesses to increase their own self-consumption of on-site renewables, ii) where there are high peak prices or time of use charges iii) where longer duration services are required.

Industry needs to reduce the cost: and expand the range of the hardware (chargers and vehicles) while refining the offer to customers, in order to unlock mainstream potential. In parallel network operators need to simplify grid connection standards and design service specifications with V2G in mind.

The report is available here: V2G global review – UKPN EVConsult