Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the EV sector, we join forces to develop a strategy to position your organisation in the e-mobility market. Amongst other things, we identify the best partners needed to achieve international success in the world of sustainable mobility. And we identify which developments you need to respond to now and which you can wait for.

EVConsult helps to define strategies in the rapidly changing world of electric mobility. We advise companies and governments on matters such as:

  • future-proof charging networks;
  • strategic market research;
  • national and international partner selection;
  • business case of e-mobility
  • economic potential of the EV sector
Experts in Electric mobility
Contact person
Roland Steinmetz
Roland Steinmetz is an experienced project manager in the fields of electric transport, energy, mobility, area development, sustainability and water. He operated from the initiation phase to the actual realization of various complex projects. Roland has been involved in the introduction of electric transport in the Netherlands and Europe since the start-up phase and is fully committed to a sustainable future.