About Rowana

“Making the world a better place”: this was the reason to start the Bachelor International Relations. During this study, Rowana developed her passion for sustainability and sustainable economic development, which was further evolved during the master International Political Economy with a fascination for the interaction between politics and economics. Rowana is always eager to start new projects or improve existing ones and has gained experience in the past with sustainability projects at the embassy and IT projects in e-commerce. With her enthusiasm, she encourages others to switch to electric transport and contribute to the mobility revolution. Rowana believes that the Netherlands is an inspiration to many countries seeking to begin a sustainable mobility transition, and her ultimate goal is to be able to transfer this knowledge to Latin America and the Caribbean. Rowana’s sports/dance school provides a release after work hours, and besides that, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, making beautiful trips, eating well, and going to festivals.

Key qualities of Rowana