DNO opportunities in Singapore


Singapore Power is the DNO in Singapore. Because Singapore provides a uniquely attractive EV environment (e.g. average daily driving distances are already well within battery capacities, centralized power billing infrastructure, relatively high GDP per capita), EVConsult together with the British consultancy CleanReturns executed an EV evaluation study in order to select the possible roles for Singapore Power in the EV market. The goal of Singapore Power was to become the leader in the Singapore EV eco-system.  

EVConsult, together with CleanReturns, provided the following deliverables:

  • Global drivers and progression of the EV market
  • Deep dive into the local Singapore EV market
  • Insights in the EV value chain and potential business cases
  • Global best practices
  • Possible roles for Singapore Power in the next 5 years
  • Roadmap for the upcoming 6 – 12 month in order to become the leader in the Singapore EV market
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