Tendering fast chargers Amsterdam


Amsterdam has the largest public charging network in the world. In addition to a focus on ‘normal’ charging, the municipality has asked EVConsult to organize a tender for the realization of a public fast charging network in Amsterdam. The main goal here is to meet the needs of the taxi market. Because taxi transport will be 100% zero emission from 2025, sufficient fast-charging facilities must be realized in consultation with the target group.

The most important user group of the fast chargers to be realized is the taxi market. As much as 90% of the consumption on municipal fast chargers comes from this target group. For this project, intensive collaboration has therefore taken place with taxi companies that are now using – or on short notice planning to use – electric vehicles. Based on a market analysis, 3 locations have been selected where 50 kW chargers can be placed. EVConsult subsequently organized a European tender for the realization and exploitation of the first fast-charging network in Amsterdam.

Based on EMVI, the concession was allocated to Allego. At the beginning of 2016, fast chargers were installed at three locations in the city. With sufficient use, this number will be extended to a total of 5 locations. The fast chargers at the taxi stand ‘Central Station’ are exclusively accessible for taxis. To speed up the transition to 100% zero emission taxi transport, drivers of electric taxis are given priority over their polluting colleagues. The other locations are accessible for everyone and ensure that also in the future Amsterdam remains a worldwide example in the field of public charging.

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