Opportunities in India for accelerating e-mobility


Author: Roland Steinmetz

By the end of the year, 1,500 electric buses are expected to be operational across eleven cities in India. Dutch companies are invited to help local government and businesses to realise this ambition. This is one of the opportunities achieved by the Dutch trade mission headed up by Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment. Roland Steinmetz of EVConsult served as the mission’s authority in the field of electric mobility and the charging infrastructure. EVConsult’s CEO led a seminar on (charging) e-buses along with a high-level workshop with the minister, organised in cooperation with India’s Press Information Bureau (PIB).

Roland found the trip to be both eventful and educative: “It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true: India is a country of contradictions. Some aspects are very well regulated, while others aren’t at all. Alongside smart grids you find electricity wires bound together with tape. Where we questioned the reliability of the grid following a power outage of a few minutes, our Indian counterparts thought a few minutes in a day wasn’t a bad score at all!”

He dampened enthusiasm about the number of 1,500 buses: “Bear in mind there are 1.8 million buses on the road in India.” Nonetheless, Roland believes the Indian government is sincere in its intentions to make mobility more sustainable. “In so doing, they stand to benefit from the innovative technology Dutch companies possess, because local bus manufacturers don’t have the requisite knowledge and skills.”

EVConsult is in a position to help India’s government and business community. Roland: “We can do so by transferring the lessons we learned when launching e-buses in the Netherlands to India, and by applying our three-layer model. This model can be used to determine the best type of e-bus, charging infrastructure and loading location for your specific environment.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about launching e-buses and our three-layer model for buses, don’t hesitate to contact Roland Steinmetz at r.steinmetz@evconsult.nl.

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