Project management

Creating a good strategy is the first step in project management, followed by the concrete transition to an EV fleet or charging network. How do you ensure that e-buses, e-lorries and the right charging infrastructure are actually put in place? EVConsult supports both the public and private sectors, providing EV project and process management services geared towards achieving success in the transition to zero emission mobility.

Transition to sustainable mobility

The transition to sustainable mobility raises complex challenges. Here are a few examples:

  • How do I replace buses or taxis in an affordable and smart way?
  • What kind of charging infrastructure do I need to create a future-proof charging network?
  • Where do I set up the charging stations?
  • What standards apply in today’s market?
  • How do I avoid a vendor lock-in scenario?
  • Is there a feasible business case?

EVConsult’s specialists come up with smart and sustainable solutions, tailored to your needs. We provide support within the context of feasibility studies, calculating business cases, planning, procurement, design, implementation, roll-out and completion.

And we offer consultancy services within the context of:

  • fleet scans / electrification;
  • e-mobility;
  • electric bus transport and electric buses (e-buses);
  • electric mobility advice for target groups;
  • electric cargo transport (e-lorries);
  • electric logistics;
  • electric distribution in cities;
  • tendering of charging infrastructure;
  • parking facility charging infrastructure;
  • public charging infrastructure;
  • stimulating electric mobility;
  • V2G;
  • fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs);
  • plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)
  • enhancing fleet sustainability;
  • e-boats;
  • hybrid and electric marine vehicles;
  • shore power infrastructure.

Within the scope of our projects, our EV specialists guide organisations from the drawing board to project completion, providing expert, independent advice.

Contact person
Ruud van Sloten
Ruud is an experienced strategy- and management consultant with a track record of projects in various sectors. But since he was involved from the start in 2009 in the introduction of electric vehicles in the Netherlands, he was grasped by the sustainability of mobility and all that comes with it. At EVConsult he applies his extensive knowledge and experience to allow governments and companies to find their way in this dynamic world. With his analytical view and his patience, he helps formulate strategy and policy, determine economic effects and guide complex processes with various stakeholders. In his spare time he clears his head by playing football and he regularly goes away for a weekend to relax completely.