Cashing in with your electric car with V2G-technology


Vehicle-to-grid technology or V2G is a form of smart charging that allows electric vehicles to both deliver and extract energy from the grid. This creates a new use case of your vehicle’s battery – energy delivery and storage – on top of serving your mobility needs. Interesting opportunities and new business cases arise for grid operators, energy companies and consumers alike.

V2G is bidirectional smart charging – it enables battery volumes to deliver more than twice the amount of flexible capacity then regular one-way charging. EVConsult – top advisors in EV charging – carried out research into V2G charging and acknowledged several use cases. Our work identified earning potential for charge point operators, energy aggregators, network operators and consumers.

V2G and Transmission System Operators (TSOs)

In times of growing imbalance on the trans-european high voltage network and changing market structure on the continent, TSOs are looking for new suppliers of primary and secondary reserve services as an alternative to ie coal and gas-fired power plants and traditional heavy industry. As numbers of electric vehicles in the Netherlands exceed 100,000 the potential extend above 1.2 TWh of aggregated battery capacity to serve to this need. Connected resources in the cars can be managed continuously, as they are charged and discharged, maintaining the balance in the network.

V2G and the Distribution System Operators (DSOs)

Local grid operators can use EVs as free floating storage for net balance services at a local level. This fits perfectly to the worldwide tendency to generate decentralised sustainable energy and use it locally as much as possible. Using EVs for demand response means electric vehicles can supply electricity back to the grid locally at moments of scarcity. Vehicles can act as temporary storage of locally produced (solar) energy during the day that is used in the evening to help fill in peak energy demand. As a result, investments in the electricity network can be contained – hence the financial rationale behind this setup for DSOs.

For building level energy management

Finally, the use of V2G technology is interesting to serve intelligent energy management of buildings and their electricity installations. A surplus of solar energy can be stored in the battery of electric cars during the day. The energy is returned to the building energy system when solar generation is insufficient to serve total energy demand at a given moment in time. Locally generated power formerly sold cheaply to the grid would find more valuable use. At times of power system blackouts, vehicles are ready to serve as a back-up instead of diesel generators. This use case is demonstrated on islands like Maui, Hawaii that are not connected to larger grids and thus have to be self supporting.

Financial gains for electric drivers

V2G technology offers opportunities and new business models for TSOs, DSOs and local private energy networks. Through the discharging facility, the balance on the network can be maintained, vehicles can shave peak energy demand and cars can supply electricity to buildings when necessary. These use cases boost acquisition and use of electric vehicles and improve affordability of electric mobility options, benefiting potential EV drivers.

Role in the energy transition

In addition to the economic benefits, V2G limits the impact of fluctuating – local – sustainably generated energy sources such as solar and wind energy on the grid. V2G can therefore be an important factor in accelerating the energy transition.

EVConsult – your V2G knowledge partner

EVConsult has been facilitating sun powered EV charging and V2G since 2010. We designed and implemented contracts in the City of Utrecht, enabling public charging with solar energy from local generation. In recent years, we organised the setup of V2G chargers for grid operators and conducted research into its use cases and consumer behaviour. We designed consumer propositions for EV discharging and revenue models for charging operators. In short, your global V2G experts can be found at EVConsult!

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