V2G-hub – an online platform that brings together v2G activity from around the world

As EVConsult we support and encourage innovations to help the acceleration of the transition towards zero emission. Together with Innovate UK, UK Power Networks and Everoze, EVConsult developed www.V2G-hub.com, an online platform that brings together V2G activity from around the world. The website was recently updated to help you understand this evolving industry. In the new […]

Electric mobility: an opportunity for developing countries

Author: Roos van der Ploeg  Mobility around the world mostly comprises fossil-fueled vehicles. This poses challenges such as CO2 emissions and poor air quality in urban areas. Rapid urbanization and motorization in cities will further intensify these challenges. At the same time, access to transport is essential for economic growth and development. Hence in many […]

E-trucks and autonomous ships reduce emissions and have a successful business case in the maritime sector

Last Thursday 17th January the Netherlands Business Support Office Manchester together with Maritime UK  organized the inaugural UK-NL Maritime Nations Forum in Liverpool, bringing together Dutch and British decision makers to discuss requirements for creating a thriving port innovation culture. The event was hailed a success by delegates and speakers alike. “The idea behind the […]

Lessons from the vehicle-to-grid integration summit in Denmark

Author: Sjoerd Moorman Last week Sjoerd Moorman represented EVConsult in Denmark at the vehicle-to-grid integration summit at the DTU – Technical University of Denmark. The two-day event was aimed to congregate “A Movement Of Worldwide V2G Demonstrators”. It brought together experts from academia and industry, with new players in this field like E.ON and Wallbox, […]

V2G – A Global Roadtrip

Today Everoze and EVConsult released their landmark: ‘V2G – A Global Roadtrip’ report. The report highlights lessons learned from the physical deployment of chargers in 50 Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) projects around the world. This report was jointly funded by leading network operator UK Power Networks and innovation agency Innovate UK. Vehicle-to-grid technology enables bi-directional energy transfer […]

Join us at the AVERE E-Mobility Conference 2018

The AVERE E-Mobility Conference 2018 is the largest, most influential pan-European e-mobility conference, right in the heart of the European Union, Brussels. Greet van Wesemael, director of EVConsult, will be one of the inspiring speakers at the conference. On Tuesday, the 29th of August, she gave a first insight on her vision on the future […]

How to design a multimodal parking facility for electric vehicles?

Vito EnergyVille and EVConsult are joining forces by doing a research on large-scale sharing of electric mobility. In this study we research the feasibility and the critical success factors for the realisation of an integrated and geographical concentrated hub in which local parking facilities are constructed or refurbished into a multimodal service hub for electric […]

Zero emissions on Amsterdam’s canals by 2025

The Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo took place at the RAI Exhibition and Congress Centre in Amsterdam between 27 and 29 June. This international event is dedicated to presenting the latest, next-generation electric and hybrid marine propulsion technologies, components and solutions. From electric driving to electric cruising The transition to e-mobility is sweeping across […]

EVConsult’s three-layer model indispensable for public transport decision makers

The energy transition in public transport is clearly visible. Three years ago, there were fewer than ten electric buses in operation in the Netherlands, mainly pilot projects. By the start of 2018, however, this number had grown to more than 200, and this trend is set to continue in the years ahead. Zero emissions by […]

MOOC: Electric Cars: Introduction | TU Delft Online

Get a basic understanding of electric cars and learn about leading technologies, development of profitable business models and effective policies. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a great opportunity to learn more about the rapid development of E-Mobility. The MOOC takes place on February 20th 2018 and participation is free. About this course Electric […]

2017 Elaad lectures on e-buses

The sixth series of Elaad lectures took place on 14 December 2017. The theme this time focused on e-buses. Ruud van Sloten opened the lectures outlining pertinent international developments and detailing the successful approach for decision makers aiming to make bus transportation more sustainable – using EVConsult’s three-layer model. The three-layer model EVConsult uses a […]

Challenges of charging infrastructure for e-buses on bus vision

Public transport authorities are committed to Zero Emission bus transport for city services. A good plan because it is almost equal in costs, locally emission-free, quiet and there can be driven on renewable energy. But does the current form of granting concessions apply when electric buses are used? How is the charging infrastructure to be […]